Café Le Grand Prix menu

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Menu of the day

Dish of the day, one glass of wine or a half bottle of water and one coffee 25€
Dish and desert of the day, one glass of wine or a half bottle of water and one coffee 31€

The menu

Cold dishes

Mr Casteight smoked salmon and green salad 26€
Duck foie gras and chutney 25€
Chicken club sandwich 16€
Salmon club sandwich 20€
30 months Iberico Cebo cured ham 18€
Oysters (Marennes d’Oléron Fines de Claire N°2) 18€
Oysters and glass of white wine 22€

Mixed salads

Crab meat salad and green asparagus 17€
Raw and cooked vegetables salad 18€
Chicken breast salad and walnut oil 19€
Caesar salad 15€
Prawns nems salad and guacamole 14€
Warm goat’s cheese salad and bacon 16€

Hot dishes

Chicken breast with foie gras, mushrooms 21€
Pastas dishes bolognaise sauce 19€
Pastas dishes pesto and vegetables sauce 19€
Plain omelette 10€
Ham-Cheese / Mushrooms and herbs omelette 11€
Beaumont Burger 21€
Butcher’s cut 27€
French fries 10€

The desserts

Caramelised waffle with sugar 8€
Caramelised waffle with cream or chocolate 10€
Crunchy lemon tart 11€
Chocolate biscuit / Gianduja / Chocolate ice cream (chocolate ganache “valrhona” Tropelia 70%) 11€
Beaumont’s profiteroles 12€
Selection of mixed ice creams and sorbets 8€
Coffee and petits fours 10€
Cheese platter 15€